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Welcome to the site! Here you can order online all kinds of interior doors, taking into account the interior of your apartment. Buy interior doors prices. You have the ability to buy doors at a low price including at a discount. Today, interior doors is quite one of the main items of interior decoration of any apartment and it is now given much attention. Of course, first of all, the doors must be reliable and durable. Dimensions of metal doors. Therefore, a large role is given to the materials from which they are produced.

Wooden doors

In the production of interior doors made of wood, typically used wood row of trees: oak, walnut, beech, pine, cherry and other species. Moreover, the wood is used not only to create the so-called "massive", but also for exterior doors, for example, made of MDF. Metal doors to buy. Used and other materials made of wood – MDF, particle Board, and plywood. By the way, massive doors, i.e. doors consisting only of a tree, carry to a premium segment. They can be installed almost everywhere, and their sound insulation is at a very high level.

Laminated doors

These are doors covered with artificial material imitating a tree pattern. It is clear that such doors represent an economy class, but at the correct and careful use will serve not one year. Buy doors bu. Naturally, they should not be installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen, because of their fear of water. In addition, these doors do not have a large sound insulation.

Veneer doors

The main difference between these doors – a thin layer of plates (veneer). The latter are made of wood and, as a rule, they are applied to a protective clear varnish. With proper maintenance, these doors will be a long time, practically forever. Again, as laminated doors afraid of the water, but have higher sound insulation. Metal street door. There are also doors covered with eco-veneer – specially treated eco-friendly coating class "Euro". Among the advantages: they consist, though partly of natural material, a high level of sound insulation and wide application. The obvious advantage of these doors is a possible combination with materials such as plastic glass, stone. Decorators will find in these doors an immense field for creativity.

Modern materials are not inferior to wood

Today, along with wood in the manufacture of doors used a number of modern materials such as special glass. Price plastic entrance doors. Enough sturdy and incredibly beautiful. Such doors decorate the interior of the apartment (increase the space, make the apartment light and modern). Also glass doors are practical to clean and require only simple cleaning. Today, modern doors are easy for additional decoration. Front doors. You can use both glass and metal, and stone.

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How to buy interior doors?

So, interior doors are no less important part of the interior of the apartment than the sofa in the hall. Already looking at only the doors, it is possible to form an opinion about the owner of the house. Choosing doors from the huge range, you look not only at quality, but also at design, color scale and an unusual combination of materials. Having installed an original and durable door, there is no doubt that the apartment will not be the same as before. Glass doors price. In order to buy your favorite interior doors You need to apply online. To do this, select the number of doors and leave contact information for communication. The final purchase price you will see on the site automatically. The seller will contact you shortly to confirm the order and clarify the details.

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